Membership Program

Cultivating UAS markets through training, resource sharing and specialized remote sensing services.

The DFH membership program provides unique hands-on experiences through its low-cost pilot training program, which includes instruction in the maintenance, repair, and avionics of unmanned aircraft systems.

By sharing its resources and expertise with the community, DFH empowers San Joaquin Valley individuals and businesses to acquire specialized UAS training and access state-of-the-art aircraft.

  • FAA Drone Pilots License workshops

  • Hands on Flight Training

  • Introduction to Drone applications;

    • Real estate

    • Agriculture

    • Industrial automation

  • Build UAS aircraft

  • Hands on maintenance and repair training

  • UAS design and workshops

  • Drone aircraft and equipment rental
  • Monthly Fly-in and drone racing

$390 for a 4 month membership; $55/month thereafter.