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  • Small Unmanned Aircraft System, (UAS), technology has demonstrated its value by delivering aerial data for better decision-making. Efforts in fire protection, water conservation, and agriculture are currently benefiting from UAS technology. Historically, FAA regulations strictly limit commercial UAS operations in National Airspace, (NAS). To-date, most commercial UAS operators are not FAA compliant thus exposing their clients to additional liabilities. FAA UAS flight operation and airworthiness standards intended for military and aircraft manufacturers can be a deal breaker for a drone startups. Manned aircraft or satellite imagery provides less timely and costly alternatives for aerial images and data.

    Drone companies having R&D experience and FAA approval are the solution to providing reliable commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems products. Drone for Hire (DFH) specializes in research, design, and commercial applications of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). DFH has been working with agriculturalists, industry leaders, and educators to identify UAS applications, define best practices of UAS operations, and refine our aircraft designs. Our location ensures Stanislaus County benefit from commercial UAS operations that are projected to create over 100k jobs by 2025. In June 2015 DFH was granted an FAA exemption to provide commercial UAS operations and services. DFH can now offers cost effective UAS aerial imaging solutions in the domains of precision agriculture, construction, research, and education.

  • California produces over $45 billion in agriculture revenue. Its great to hear a local technology company is dictated to supporting the food supply for the country and provides local economy benefits.

  • My father-in-law submitted the following comment to Federal Regulators on behalf of my Section 333 petition;

    “I support Thomas Davis and his company as he seeks expedited approval and exemption from an assortment of Federal regulations. I believe his company, Drone for Hire, is an asset to the community, particularly in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Mr. Davis has been working with several local farmers in order to demonstrate the benefits of using drone technology with reference to irrigation, soil temperatures, and the general monitoring of crops. Drone for Hire has also expanded its repertoire of services to include industrial photography, using drones to document several major construction projects for a well-known local corporation. As far as education is concerned, Mr. Davis and his company have made several presentations about drone technology at elementary and secondary schools. As a small business, Drone for Hire employs at least two part-time workers. I strongly urge the FAA to approve Mr. Davis’ application for the expedited approval and exemptions. His company would then be able to grow, generate employment opportunities, increase the size of the domestic manufacturing sector, and help expand the use of technology in support of the agricultural and industrial sectors.”

    Thanks Paul.

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